As you can probably surmise from the header art and the name of this blog, I’m a fan of the TV show “Chuck”.  You may or may not already be aware that the fandom I belong to is not a passive fandom, having staged two, successive, successful campaigns to have the show renewed for a following season.  Due to all of this fan dedication, there are countless sites across the web with forums and discussion groups available to share our passion for the show.

So why make another one?

I guess it all boils down to sustaining a viewpoint.  Let me explain:

I’ve already been on a lot of other forums.  Hell, I don’t intend to stop visiting them or posting on them.  But when you’re a guest on someone else’s forum, there are certain  implied obligations you’re supposed to take on.  Like being coherent.  Or not contradicting yourself.  Or not making everyone else insane trying to follow your logic.  Most importantly, however, is the obligation to not sabotage the very position your espousing by using such weak or fragile arguments that those with opposing viewpoints can knock it down with no effort.

Because when you do this, whether you hear them or not, the silent readers who agree with your position are quietly asking you to stop speaking for them.

On this blog, however, I don’t have to take on any of those obligations.  No, really!  I make no promises that what I write here will be easy to read, equivocal, profound or even sane.  Just that it will be, as close as I can make it, what I really think.  And if it’s not the best argument that could be made, I invite you to make a better one.  But I won’t feel bad since it’s my own blog!  (Okay, I still will but I’m hoping it’ll be less)

I’ve set my expectations fairly low in terms of viewership.  I think it’s healthier that way – framing what you say based on attracting more readers can lead you astray.  So if that means a few people drop in from Google Search and leave after a head-scratch and “WTF?”, so be it.

And finally, just so I don’t have to say it later, let me issue a blanket apology for any excess of boring introspection or incidental narcissism that might appear here.  I’m only human and some of this is bound to leak out if I write long enough.


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