Has it been six months already?

Okay, this isn’t a “Chuck” themed post, but hey – check out the category tag, it’s one of my extremely rare Real Life posts. So, you know, be satisfied that you managed to catch this before it flew by.

It was tooth cleaning day. You know, dentist chair, oral hygienist, yada, yada…

And normally, it wouldn’t even be worth blogging about. I mean, sure, my hygienist is nice and easy on the eyes, blonde and her name is Sarah, but no, there’s no identity confusion going on. Really.

The whole reason this post exists is because while I was sitting there, sometime after she used that nifty ultrasonic water-pick thing to blast off my plaque but before she flossed my teeth with the same aggressive motions as a violinist playing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – Summer, I got this image in my head that wouldn’t go away even after I left.

Here it is:

Yeah, I know.


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