Chuck Season 3 Stole Your “Charah” Mojo?

Maybe A Fan-Vid Can Help You Get It Back

Sure, the back six episodes went a long way to heal the wounds inflicted on Chuck-Sarah fans during the first thirteen.  But as delightful as Honeymooners, Role Models, Tooth and even Living Dead were in bringing heightened levels of commitment to our favorite couple, they could not erase the scars we bear from those earlier episodes.  Nor could they bring back the sense of epic romance-in-the-making that often put goofy grins on our faces as we watched the first two seasons.

That ship sank in the mid-season maelstrom.  Our enchantment with their budding romance?  Lost to the depths.

While it’s very possible to recover a good portion of the charm and anticipation of those earlier seasons by simply re-watching them, that tends to be pretty time-consuming.  Not everyone can make that kind of commitment, however tempting it might be.  All they want is a little “fix” of that old feeling, maybe to get them through the mid-afternoon blahs.  So what to do?

Turns out, you can re-capture a lot of the magic in just a few minutes by watching some of the excellent fan videos available on YouTube and elsewhere.  These videos combine footage from the show in novel ways, often accompanied by new soundtrack music chosen by the video’s creator.  While the quality of these videos as a whole can most politely be described as “varying”, there are quite a few that are put together by truly talented individuals as labors of love  – inspired in their conception and deft in their execution.  In a word, they’re fantastic.

I’m not going to pretend that I’ve seen every Chuck fan video produced, or that I’m an expert reviewer of such videos.  What I will do here, since it’s my blog (mu-ha-ha) is hand pick a few videos that I really liked and link them.  I think they’re well done, and they definitely remind me of what I loved dearly about the show (and Chuck & Sarah) before the first two-thirds of S3 put all of that in jeopardy.  How you feel about them may have as much to do with musical taste (you love or hate the soundtrack artist) as anything else, but I really can’t predict that from here, can I?

Anyway, here are a few that stood out for me:

Chris Payne’s “Chuck vs. Sarah the CIA Agent” – This is a stylistic powerhouse of a video, with animated slices, zooms, pushes, bumps, postcards and extensive tiling of multiple, concurrent scenes.  Chris is telling a story here – maybe not the story the show was trying to tell, but an effective story nonetheless.  I’ve always been impressed by his command of the techniques on display here.  Making this video must have been damned hard.

Crystal Elements’ “The Best of Chuck – A Tribute to the Series” – Crystal is just an amazingly creative person.  Not only does she make these professional quality videos, but she’s also got a flair for writing and art and who knows what else.  This video mashup of the first two seasons in 1 minute and 48 seconds nicely captures the feel of the show, at least the crazy action and comedy parts.  Every time I watch it I can’t help but grin.

Tess Brennan’s “Chuck & Sarah – You’re So Lovely” – Set to Scouting for Girl’s upbeat tune with its driving tempo, this video takes the viewer through the “Charah” romance at a breakneck pace.  Tess makes some really nice choices when timing scenes to the music (look for a particularly well done break with the tablecloth pull from Helicopter) that make the early parts of this video sing.  Another great mood setter.

Callie1327’s “I Want To Love You Madly”Cake’s jazzy tune from their 2001 album “Comfort Eagle” sets up a nicely offbeat syncopation to this video, and its theme of putting aside convention and embracing the passion in the moment really goes well with what we imagine Chuck would be feeling towards Sarah through most of S1 and S2.  An interesting stylistic choice was the static overlay of a beer bottle label to give the background texture (and, perhaps, distract from the somewhat less than pristine quality of the source footage).  Still, one of my favorite vids ever.

and finally, for what is quite possibly my favorite Chuck fan video, there’s this:

“Chuck & Sarah – Accidentally In Love” – Yes, it’s the Counting Crows song made famous in the movie Shrek 2.  I think this is a really well made video, well-timed, nice scene choices, great sense of story, synced well with the music, just overall a great job.  The problem?  Apparently, whichever company owns the publishing rights to the Crows’ performance of this song objected and YouTube pulled it.  So, basically, I don’t know who to credit for it’s creation.  Today, if you do a search on YouTube you’ll still find the video under this name, but the soundtrack has been switched to something really obnoxious (on purpose).  If you read the comments, someone switched the soundtrack on the video and re-uploaded it as a placeholder for a link pointing to the actual video, which is here (click the pic):

So, at least for the time being, you can still view it in it’s original (well, slightly degraded due to generation loss) form.  If you really love this video (like I do) and would like your own, slightly crisper copy, drop me a note and maybe we can come up with something.

So, there you go.

That’s five videos that will hopefully put a smile on your face and get your toe a’ tappin.  And maybe even remind you why you got obsessed with this show in the first place.


This video appeared in the last month or so, and it’s brilliant. It might be the single most inspired, most creative Chuck fan video I’ve ever seen. I’ve watched it more than a dozen times and I’ve yet to get tired of it. As far as I’m concerned, it totally nails everything that makes Chuck the fun, engaging show it is. If you’re a serious fan you’ve probably already seen it, but take the opportunity to watch it again – it’s totally worth it.


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