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Journey’s End?

Chuck’s “Hero’s Journey” is over.  Now what? Edit:  Okay, it’s after the first episode of S5 now, and while not perfect it was actually pretty decent.  We’ll see how things go from here on in. If ever a blog post … Continue reading

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Orbiting Two Suns

Kayla Hart and the Chuck That Almost Was (An updated revision of an article that originally ran on in September of 2009) It is an unassailable fact that, in the “Chuckverse”, no topic generates more impassioned debate than the … Continue reading

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USA Network’s “Blue Skies” Theme – Is it Right for Chuck?

It’s unlikely that anyone who’s watched any significant amount of television in the last five years could be unaware of USA Network.  It’s been the number one network in basic cable prime time for the past three years, surpassing it’s … Continue reading

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Chuck S4: Echoes of an Agent and her Asset

It’s all happening now, but has it already happened once before? Yesterday was the Chuck panel at the 2010 SDCC.  As most anyone reading this knows, producers Fedak and Schwartz revealed that Linda Hamilton, of Terminator and Terminator 2 fame, … Continue reading

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Chuck Season 3 Stole Your “Charah” Mojo?

Maybe A Fan-Vid Can Help You Get It Back Sure, the back six episodes went a long way to heal the wounds inflicted on Chuck-Sarah fans during the first thirteen.  But as delightful as Honeymooners, Role Models, Tooth and even … Continue reading

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Editing Your Stories on Paper? Not if I can help it.

(A reprint from ‘Chuck vs. the Google Group’, 7/2/2010). Referencing this article in Slate: There’s always a contrarian in every bunch, and I guess I have to stand up and admit that, for this article, it’s going to be me. … Continue reading

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Has it been six months already?

Okay, this isn’t a “Chuck” themed post, but hey – check out the category tag, it’s one of my extremely rare Real Life posts. So, you know, be satisfied that you managed to catch this before it flew by. It … Continue reading

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